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Why We're Here

The digital age has fundamentally changed the human experience.

To succeed today, we must change how we engage with the world around us.

The digital age has given almost everyone access to the tools to create and share at a pace that continues to quicken. However, having the right tools doesn’t mean we know how to design new and better things for human beings. 


Since the beginning of the digital age, we have witnessed well-intentioned people struggle to innovate. Fortunately, the use of human-centered design can help.


Our mission is to improve the lives of innovators, and those they innovate with and for, by using and teaching new ways of thinking and working that are inspired by time-tested design methods. 

How We Work

We use and teach radically different, yet common sense methods to cultivate happiness and drive innovation.

We believe...

Our Operating Principles

Our mindsets define the way we think and act.

Change is inevitable - and good.

Understand & align mindsets of innovators, providing a solid foundation for working with change.

Happy people are more successful.

Cultivate happiness in innovators to provide better outcomes to those they work with and for.

Innovation is a requirement for success in the digital age.

Use and teach new innovation techniques grounded in human-centered design. 

Traditional management techniques are not sufficient for innovating in the digital age. Human-centered design methods can help.

People achieve better outcomes when they collaborate effectively with others.

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